Welcome to CWEK, an advanced Biotech Start-up Company, improving delivery options for existing pharmaceutical agents.  CWEK is currently researching and commercialising its proprietary nanoemulsion technologies for improved bioavailability and functional activity of active pharmaceutical ingredients. 

Current methods of drug delivery typically rely either on oral administration or invasive methods, such as injection.  Oral drug administration face many challenges including a hostile environment, low gut absorption, stomach and gut irritation and high rates of drug break down (first pass metabolism). CWEK is developing it's drug delivery platform to overcome these hurdles for direct, improved drug delivery.  This platform is being developed to deliver a variety of approved active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Who We Are

Led by Dr Stuart Gunzburg, CWEK has teamed with leading Australian universities to research and  develop its technology portfolio.  CWEK has a diversified technology portfolio that address major issues, including dementia, sexual dysfunction and scar management.  We believe that these developments will have the potential to change the way people will live, look and feel in the future.

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Our Technology

At CWEK, we are continue to develop our comprehensive technical solutions aimed at major life challenges. Our R&D portfolio addresses a broad range of life's challenges, with the aim of improving the lives of all people. CWEK is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about our future developments.  For further information about our areas of focus please click on the links listed below.

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